Turn your interior design dream into a career,ICS is where it happens. Acquire a globally competitive Japanese Design.Master Course [Master's degree]Starts from April, 2015! [1] ICS has 【ICS STYLE】 [2] ICS tries to 【Tutorial lessons】 [3] ICS helps students 【In degree association with Nottingham Trent University, a national university in the UK】 [4] ICS allows students to 【Through industry-academia cooperation projects】 [5] ICS has 【Globally successful active designers】 [6] ICS soars 【Our constant support from start to end】 [7] ICS has samples 【Intelligent Design Teaching Materials】 [8] ICS evokes a sense of the present 【Original Interior Space】 [9] ICS has a studio 【Real Factory】 [10] The location of ICS has a reason 【ICS AREA】 [11] ICS has History 【History of ICS】

ICS's Special points

  • Subject The interior design school was established in 1963.
  • Individual teaching We guide our students through classes anchored in a tutorial-method.
  • Acquisition of a degree When students graduate, they acquire a degree of a British National University.
  • Employment The whole college boasts an excellent employment rate of 94 percent.
  • ICS's smartphone website