About our policy on personal information

1. Purposes of collecting and using personal information

We require your personal information for the purposes below.

  • ・Applications for information request, visiting campus, school orientation, inquiries, making a reservation for experience class, individual school tours/indivdual consulting.
  • ・Applications for graduates change of address/modify workplace, requesting certifications, job seeking, recent situations of graduates.
  • ・Applications for company recruitment registration

Personal information you have provided will not be used for anything else other than, applications, school data, and school information

2. Voluntary nature of provision of personal information

In case you cannot offer us the information marked essential, you may not able to use our service.

3. Notifications when releasing/modifying/deleting personal information

Please contact "Consultation about your personal information" listed below.
In case your personal information is wrong, please feel free to contact there so that we can modify/delete it.

<Consultation about your personal information>

Administrative department
Mail address:info-1@ics.ac.jp

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