[4] ICS allows students to 【Through industry-academia cooperation projects】

[4] ICS allows students to 【Through industry-academia cooperation projects】

Through industry-academia cooperation projects

We are very proud of our industry-academia cooperation projects, where students can practically learn interior design with the themes that have been actually commercialized by companies.

Students can have a positive drive through design competitions, internships and their art projects for graduation.

Besides, there are more events that connect them to the society such as attending exhibitions held outside school, applying for open competitions or internship opportunities.

project01 STARBUCKS Inspired by STARBUCKS Store Ikejiri 2-chome

Industry-academia cooperation project with STARBUCKS COFFEE JAPAN Ltd. that started in 2009.
"Inspired by STARBUCKS, Store Ikejiri 2-chome" opened in 2014. It is a store that STARBUCKS hesitated to open due to residential area. But the 3rd store opening is a new style of café where it refelcts the lifestyle of the surrounding residentials.

"Urban Bohemian" is the design theme of the café. At the same time it has a casual, welcoming atmosphere that anyone can comfortably visit. Most of the furnitures are brought from STARBUCKS which are remade.
Also, to emphasize the white walls and express the passion to coffee, there are artworks made out of different fabricks, and espresso machines that have been taken apart to create a new object to display.

ICS remade furnitures and artwork for STARBUCKS. In March 2014, contruction and furnitures were brought in and the project finished in about 1 month

project02 IDC OTSUKA KAGU IDC OTSUKA KAGU Shinjuku showroom

Industry-academia cooperation project with OTSUKA KAGU started in 2014, which is themed "House Café" and "room for people who live by themselves".
Interior Decoration major have practical classes which they are divided into groups of two or three and given a theme to work around, deciding the OTSUKA KAGU company concept, targeted customers, and area research. Furthermore, produced and created a display to appeal to new customers for the IDC OTSUKA KAGU Shinjuku showroom.

The project started in mid April, and end of May, representative from OTSUKA KAGU was invited to see the presentation each group provided and feedbacks were given.

From the projects, 3 of them have won the previlage (2 from "House Café", 1 from "room for people who live by themselves") to be displayed at the IDC OTSUKA KAGU Shinjuku showroom.
In June, many meticulous meetings were made with the representatives from OTSUKA KAGU and in August, students made their displays at the showroom.

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