[1] ICS has 【ICS STYLE】

[1] ICS has 【ICS STYLE】

ICS is the first and only interior design school in Japan, established in 1963.
For over half a century, we have been turning out numerous graduates who are famous professionals in and out of Japan through our special curriculum.

As an educator, we have 3 key words in principle.

We teach students creativity, which is the most important virtue for designers in various ways.

No.2 "Communication".
Students are asked to describe their designs earned through "CREATION". Through this step, they are expected to develop communication skills as a designer.

No.3 "Criticism".
We teach students design theories and history, necessary to discuss designs or support their works.

Our curriculum is based on these 3 keyword, and still improving.
Let us say this is the "ICS STYLE".

This setting will definitely give you the skills and knowledge for interior work and confidence, most of all.

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