[11] ICS has History 【ICS HISTORY】

[11] ICS has History 【ICS HISTORY】

ICS COLLEGE OF ARTS was founded in 1963 under the name of Interior Center School. It still predated the popularization of the word “Interior Design.”
Since then, ICS has contributed to the development of interior design education in Japan with our pride as a birthplace of interior design education in Japan.


  • Interior Center School founded.
    Three courses, namely, Daytime Regular Course, Evening Vocational Course, and Liberal Arts Course established.
    At 4-Bancho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo.
    School buildings installed.
  • First entrance ceremony of Daytime Regular Course
  • Lectures opened for Evening Vocational Course and Liberal Arts Course.
  • First commencement of Regular Course
  • Research Course added to the Regular Course. Alumni Association founded.
  • Perspective plan seminar established for Evening Vocational Course.
  • The 2-school-year system adopted for the Daytime Regular Course. Evening Vocational Course changed to a major course, and four courses of construction, interior design, furniture, and perspective plan established.
  • Received authorization of school in the "miscellaneous" category.
  • First overseas design study tour implemented.


  • Basic Technical Drafting Class opened for the evening faculty.
  • Major/Interior Design Course changed to Interior Decorator Course.
  • Faculty of Correspondence Study founded. Basic Technical Drafting Class promoted to Basic Technical Drafting Course.
  • Graduate course installed for Daytime Regular Course.
  • Daytime Regular Course certified by Tokyo Metropolis as a registered architect eligibility privileged school.
  • Evening faculty designated Basic Technical Drafting Course and Basic Design Course as fundamental courses, and Perspective Plan Technique Course, Interior Decorator Course, and Furniture Design Course as major courses.
  • Moved to new school buildings at Himonya, Meguro-ku, Tokyo.
  • Lecture Meeting for Commemorative Ceremony for 10th Anniversary of the founding of ICS
  • Daytime faculty Interior Decorator Course installed and opened.
  • First schooling held for the correspondence course.
  • Fine Arts Course opened in Evening Fundamental Course
  • Evening Interior Design Course installed and opened.
  • Got certified as a vocational college by the Specialized Training College System. As a result, course names changed. Daytime Regular Course changed to Interior Design Course, and Evening Interior Design Course changed to Interior Design Course II.
  • Evening Fundamental Design Course and Fine Arts Course discontinued.
  • Lecture Meeting for Commemorative Ceremony for 15th Anniversary of the founding of ICS
  • ICS's education philosophy “Culture and Design Education” presented at JID 20th Anniversary Exhibition.
  • Cooperated in design training for international students hosted by Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA).


  • Exchange with schools of design overseas actively pursued.
  • ICS students awarded First Noguchi Memorial Award and Memorial Award for Encouragement.
  • Daytime Interior Design Course moved to 3-school-year system.
  • Commemorative Ceremony for 20th Anniversary for the founding of ICS held.
  • ICS 20-year school history edited. ’83 JID Award received from Japan Interior Designers' Association for ICS’s interior design education activities over 20 years.
  • Out-of-school on-the-job training implemented for seniors of Interior Design Course.
  • 20th Anniversary of Perspective Plan Technique Course and 20th-term students who finished the course sent out to the society.
  • The 19th Graduation Production Exhibition held outside of the school (Asahi-Seimei Gallery, Shinjuku).
  • First graduates sent out from Interior Design Course after adopting the 3-shool-year system.
  • As a representative of specialized training colleges, nationally broadcasted on NHK “ETV8” as a high-quality school.
  • In commemoration of winning awards for 5 consecutive years, ICS Noguchi Memorial Award Production Exhibition held.
  • Second school building completed in adjacent premises at 4-24-15 Himonya, Meguro-ku.
  • Interior Design Course II adopted the 2-year-school system.
  • Commemorative Ceremony for 25th Anniversary for the founding of ICS and Commemorative Concert.


  • Private education institution approved and ICS became Private Education Institution Kankyo Zokei Gakuen.
  • First ICS Homecoming Day held (coming back to alma mater 20 years after graduation)
  • Eligibility for admission to an examination for Class 2 Registered Architect of Interior Design Course approved to be shortened from 2-year business experience to zero year.
  • Participated in Christo: The Umbrellas Project and special lectures held and interchange begun.
  • Two-school-year class established for Interior Decorator Course.
  • Designated for MEXT Research and Development Project for Advanced Education at a Specialized Training College and studies over 3 years begun.
  • Invited to exhibit at International Furniture Fair Tokyo (IFFT) and thereafter invited for exhibition every year.
  • In commemoration of the 30th Anniversary of the foundation of ICS, new school buildings completed at Kakinokizaka, Meguro-ku. Facilities refurbished and completed for School Buildings No. 1 2 3.
  • Evening courses reorganized. CAD/CG Course established.
  • Commemorative Ceremony for 30th Anniversary for the founding of ICS, announcement of the completion and opening for new school building. Vision for the 21st Century announced.
  • Daytime Faculty Design Business Course opened. (one-school-year system).
  • As a result of completion of Kakinokizaka school building, the second school building discontinued, and thereafter, school operation carried out at Himonya and Kakinokizaka school buildings.
  • Talk Session “Urbiculture School” held (November 1994-April 1995)
  • Graduates from Daytime Faculty Interior Design Course and Interior Decorator Course were given the title of “technical associate” by MEXT.
  • ICS Education Renaissance Announcement Commemoration Events, Lecture Meetings, and Party held.
  • School name changed from “Vocational College Interior Center School” to “ICS COLLEGE OF ARTS.”
    Interactive Design Course established (2-school-year system).
  • Transfer system to University of Wolverhampton and Nottingham Trent University, U.K. implemented.
  • Course name changed to Interactive Arts Direction Course (from Interactive Design Course).
  • First Graduation Studies Invitational Exhibition held (Shinjuku Park Tower Hall)
  • Name of Basic Technical Drafting Course changed to Hybrid Drawing Course.
  • Commemorative Ceremony for 35th Anniversary for the founding of ICS held.
  • “ICS 35 Graduates Exhibit” for commemorating the 35th anniversary held at the venue of International Furniture Fair Tokyo.
  • Interior Meister Trainee Course newly established.
  • Degree receiving system begun with Nottingham Trent University U. K. Exchange program started for students and lecturers with U. K. and South Africa.


  • Joint project started with Alessi Italy.
  • BA (Bachelor of Arts) and diploma (Associate in Arts) awarded for the first time after joining hands with U.K. universities.
  • Interactive Art Direction Course and Evening CAD/CG Course discontinued.
  • Commemorative Ceremony for 40th Anniversary for the founding of ICS held.
  • Commemorative Concert for 40th Anniversary for the founding of ICS held (Meguro Persimmon Large Hall).
  • Gallery and shop refurbished and opened in Floor 1 and café in Basement 1.
  • The enterprise related to the tie-up house moved in the inscription valley schoolhouse. (~'07/4)
  • Held the first joint workshop with University of New Mexico (U.S.A).
  • The second workshop held with New Mexico University (U.S.A)
  • Sponsored “Japan Interior Designers’ association’s 50th anniversary project
  • Held international collaboration workshops in Tokyo and Paris with École Spéciale d'Architecture : ESA ( architectural school in France)
  • Hosted the “ICS 45th Anniversary Special Lecture” (lecturers: Mr. Tadao Ando and Mr. Yasumichi Morita)
  • Held the 2nd international collaboration workshops in Tokyo and Paris with École Spéciale d'Architecture : ESA (architectural school in France)
  • Shortened required work experience for 2nd-class architect exam to one year for the interior decoration course
  • Hosted a special summer lecture on “Housing Design” (lecturer: Mr. Atsushi Watanabe)
  • Started a business partnership with Domus Academy in Italy.
  • Held a special fall lecture on “Design and Life” (lecturer: Mr. Kenji Ekuan)
  • Held a fall lecture on “Environment, Architecture and the World” (lecturer: Mr. Kengo Kuma)
  • Held an exhibition of project work under the theme of "Dream for Japan", a special program to support Tohoku area struck by the great earthquake (High school students, ICS) along with a lecture (by a special guest, Ando Tadao (安藤忠雄)
  • Held "A Dream for Japan" a special program to support Tohoku area struck by the great earthquake (with special guests: Chief editor of Nikkei Architecture, previous Chief editor of Nikkei Woman and MISC)
  • Held a Fall Semester Special Public Lecture on "History of Learning" (lecturer: Mr. Matsudaira Sadatomo(松平定知))
  • "Hospitality booth design contest" ceremony was held in Fuji International Speedway, through industry-academia cooperation project with KONDO Racing
  • Held a Special Public Lecture on "The Interior Design from this Point" during the 50th establishment anniversary of the school (lecturer: Mr. Tanijiri Makoto(谷尻誠))
  • Emblem was redesigned by Mr. Nakamura Junpei back to when ICS was first established.
  • International Collaboration with Ecole Nationale Superieure d’Architecture et de Paysage de Lille: ENSAPL and opened an International Collaboration Workshop "Borrowed scenery or borrowing scenery"
  • Ranked in Top 8 for colleges you would recommend to international students at "2013 Japan Study Abroad AWARDS".
  • During the ICS 50th Anniversary Week, held a Special Public Lecture on "The Present Interior Design" (lecturers: Mr. Katayama Masamichi (片山正通) and Mr. Tanijiri Makoto (谷尻誠)) as well as "The Interior Design Up Until Now and Ahead" and the "Night at ICS" Powered by PechaKucha.
  • Through industry-academia cooperation project with STARBUCKS, furniture and artwork were remade to produce "Inspired by STARBUCKS Store Ikejiri 2-chome" and is now open.
  • Interior Meister major is now approved as the qualifying requirement to take the national qualitfication for building operation and management engineer.
  • Through industry-academia cooperation project with IDC OTSUKA KAGU, "House Café" "room for people who live by themselves" is displayed at IDC OTSUKA KAGU Shinjuku showroom.
  • During the ICS Festival, they held a gathering with Mr. Tanijiri Makoto (谷尻誠) on "Our Interior design exhibition" as well as "Yours and My Interior design" and the "Night at ICS" Powered by PechaKucha.
  • Interior Meister major or Interior Architecture & DesignⅡ is now approved as the qualifying requirement to take the national qualitfication for architect of the second-class and architect of wooden houses.
  • Opening a Masters course. MA Japanese Interior Architecture & Design [Master's degree]
  • ICS Festival 2015 demonstration from the copywriter "before after presentation"(Guest Lecturer: Mr. Hasegawa Tetsuji(長谷川哲士)),Expressing Japan's everyday culture"MIJP workshop"(Guest Lecturer: Mr. Murasawa Kazuteru(村澤一晃)/Mr. Matsuki Kenji(松木憲司)),"Expressing the result from ICS students"Our interior design exhibition","ICS students show their feelings"
  • Held an international collaboration workshop "11th Daiwa House Competition" with Da Yeh University
  • ICS's smartphone website