Board of Trustees Chairman's Greeting

理事長 日野 洋一

ICS is an interior school established in 1963, which has been with the interior industry all over the world for over half a century.

Until now, we have turned out numerous creators with a positive drive and celerity that are able to work worldwide.

Even in the rapid change of the society, we believe our students will hold their own against all the obstacles waiting for them and be of help to others after they graduate.

For this belief, we are always trying hard to have the best environment of education and develop each student's potential at the maximum.

Just have a great dream in the field of interior design; ICS can make it come true.

Board of Trustees Chairman Hino Yoichi (日野 洋一) Trustee Manuel Tardits Trustee Murase Akihisa (村瀬 晶久)
Board of Trustees Vice Chairman / Director Seki Shotaro (關 昭太郎) Trustee Iwakura Eiri (岩倉 榮利) Trustee Tokoro Satoru (野老 覚)
Managing Trustee Goto Katsuhiko (後藤 克彦) Trustee Hisaeda Souichi (久枝 壯一) Trustee Ogawa Hideshiro (小川 秀史郎)
  Honorary Headmaster Karasawa Ritsuko (柄澤 立子)
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