[6] ICS soars 【Our constant support from start to end】

[6] ICS soars 【Our constant support from start to end】

Our constant support from start to end

The employment rate of those seeking a job was 93% in 2015. Graduates are now working in various fields including interior design, furniture, architecture, product planning, lighting, etc.

As our graduates have a positive drive through ICS's special curriculum, internship opportunities as well as competence, many companies highly value them. In addition, our support starting right after admission helps to keep this high employment rate.

Each student is developing strength to go for their dream.

ICS constantly supports even after graduation in case students fail to get a job or want to change their job.

Individual employment counseling

Our staff in charge give advice considering the circumstances of the outside world as well as each student's attitude.

Employment seminars

We invite experts specialized in interior design to hold employment seminars; this is another strength of ICS as a single college.

Providing employment information

We post employment information including job and business information. Students can also access job information and search ICS provides through the internet.

Sessions for employment exams and interviews

Through the sessions, students can learn attitudes and manners as a professional. In addition, they can be perfectly prepared through learning both common sense and expertise, mock job interviews, self-analysis and pre-writing a resume.

Creating student records

We create each student's record for better and more coherent educational guidance.

Internship opportunities

Students are expected to do an internship in the field of interior, such as at architecture/design firms during their school years. Via their internship, they can understand how companies run and their ability in the real world.

Employment counseling for international students

Our staff in charge give detailed information and advice on employment or job interviews for international students.

Creating a portfolio

Portfolios are essential for getting a job in the field of design. We teach students how to make a portfolio for jobs they want in the future.

Meguro Interior Shops Community (MISC)

We are establishing a local partnership with MISC, in order for the professionals in the shops to be able to support our students with part-time jobs or employment.

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