Director's Message


後藤 克彦

ICS COLLEGE OF ARTS will celebrate its 50th anniversary at May 2013.
It has been our sincere desire to develop distinguished human resources, as the pioneer of the educational institution of interior design.

<The expected educational services in society>

In recent years, interior design drew further public’s attention, reflected the circumstances of Japan.
Social tendency has been changed towards the pursuit of the quality of life rather than the quantity.
The construction industry also changed its tendency towards reform, renovated and conversion of the building, not in the attitude of “scrap and build”, but also to save both of the nature resource and the existing constructions which are apprehend as cultural assets.

<international perspective>

After the establishment, our unique educational method of interior design have been highly evaluated by educational institution overseas.
Educations"objectivity, fairness, and maintaining task standards" are kept within international level.
Such attitudes derive the international enrollment, which we have more than 30% foreign students who are currently enrolled.
Students are not only from Asia, but also from European nation, which global aspect of design are shared amongst students and have considerable effect on design work at the college and diverse path after graduation.

<Training the unique creators>

It is our sincere desire to preserve these values for generations to come. To achieve such direction, we will try to introduce more rational elements, maintain the educational standards, improving the curriculum and the college environment.
Now we have more than 5000 alumni, who create a strong impression in the interior design field.
We will have stronger collaboration with these alumni, invited them as tutors, the college will dedicate to train unique creators flourished in design field on a global basis.

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